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Scottish Society Of Wilmington
The Scottish Society Of Wilmington (SSOW) elected its first officers and board members in
1994.  At the time, interest in just such an organization was at its peak and an energetic group of
Scottish enthusiasts incorporated the SSOW under the laws of the state of North Carolina.  Since
then, the SSOW has been a cornerstone of Scottish heritage in the Cape Fear region and
encourages anyone with a sincere interest in all things Scottish to join its ranks.  

The current officers and directors of the SSOW include:

Co-Presidents:        Joyce Elliott / Bob McLeod
Vice President:        
Nel Moore Nichols
Secretary:                 Janine McClellan
Treasurer:                Scott Cromartie

Ian Brownlie    Lloyd MacAskill    Ron McCord
       Kathleen McLeod    Forrest Lee Piver    Otis White

Duly-elected past presidents of the SSOW include:

Grover A. Gore (1994-97, 2003-05)        Wanda Lamm Moore (1997-98)        

Robert B. Livingstone (1998-99)        Thomas Marshburn (1999-2001)

Douglas Fry, Sr. (2001-02)        James Cameron McNeil (2002-03)

Warren Elliott (2005-07)        Jerry Dockery (2007-09)

                         Ron McCord (2009-17)
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Celebrating Scottish culture and heritage in North Carolina's historic Cape Fear region.