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Celebrating Scottish culture and heritage in North Carolina's historic Cape Fear region.
Assembled here are a variety of links to important Scottish websites scattered across the globe.  Whether
it's kilts, tartans, clans, music, books, food, scotch, history, travel, St. Andrew, Sir Walter Scott, or Robert
Burns, you can find something about any of these subjects through these sites.  While we are unable to
vouch for the accuracy or validity of these websites, we welcome your comments regarding blind or dead
links.  Thank you!
Electric Scotland - A deep and comprehensive website that explores clan names, history, families, septs, and clanship.
Rampant Scotland - Another hefty website with links to clans, families, surnames, histories, clan societies, and much more.
ScotClans - A Scotland-based guide to the clans of Scotland, clan history, and clan-related clothing and accessories.
Scots Connections - Find clan-related information about crests, highland dress, kilts, tartan fabric, and much more.
Tartans Of Scotland - Learn about styles, making, wearing, and history of tartans, and use their Tartan Search engine.
ScotWeb Clan - Everything tartan: kilts, caps, tams, skirts, sashes, scarves, cummerbunds, bow ties, rugs, fabric, and more.
Scotch Whisky - Information on distilleries, bottlers, and clubs, plus single malt, single grain, blended, and pure whiskies.
Scotch Whisky Experience - Discover how whisky is distilled in the heart of Edinburgh.  A unique learning experience.
Whisky - Largest whisky website in the world with info on brands, tastings, distillery tours, and whisky-related events.
Port City Pipes & Drums - Wilmington's favorite bagpipers and drummers perform year-round, solo to full ensemble.
Music Scotland - Massive site that promotes music and musicians with a Celtic connection to a world-wide audience.
Instruments Of Celtic Music - Detailed site lists Celtic instruments of every type with links for musicians & listeners.
Scottish Castles - Whether it's a large fortress or an old historical ruin, this site has castles from all corners of Scotland.
Moore's Creek National Battlefield - This critical skirmish of the Revolutionary War included Loyalist Scots and N.C. Patriots.
St. Andrews Scottish Heritage Center - A repository of Scottish history located at St. Andrews University in Laurinburg NC.
Robert The Bruce - Known as the soldier-king of Scotland, he fought with Wallace against the tyranny of the English Crown.
Robert Burns - The immortal memory of Burns is aptly captured on this extensive site.  Poems, song lyrics, and many links.
Saint Andrew - The patron saint of Scotland whose crucifixion inspired the design of the national flag, St. Andrew's Saltire.
Sir Walter Scott - Poet and historical novelist of Scotland who was known for his promotion of Scottish heritage worldwide.
Sir William Wallace - The hero and greatest patriot of Scotland's struggle for independence.  Learn about him at this site.
Clans of SSOW Members
Clan Gunn - This site is devoted to the Burruss and Gunn families of Virginia and features family trees and census records.
Clan Henderson - Membership site of Clan Henderson Society and its many surnames. Events, news, history and more.
Clan Johnston/e - Clan Johnston/e In America features history, origins, and links to numerous border families in Scotland.
Clan MacAulay - This clan sheltered William Wallace from the English and aided Robert the Bruce in his escape to Argyll.
Clan McLeod - Information for prospective members, upcoming events, newsletters, photos and genealogy links.
Clan Ramsay - The Clan Ramsay Association of North America has links, family history, and a calendar of upcoming events.
Clan Scott - The Clan Scott Society has extensive genealogy information, clan news, and links to many Scottish websites.

If you are an SSOW member, we want to link to your clan website(s).  Email with your info.
Scotlands People - The official government source of genealogical data for Scotland.  Get access to 50 million records.
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